Marta Segura Launches Segura Strategies 4 Good

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A Social Impact Consulting Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Marta Segura Bio

LOS ANGELES— Marta A. Segura M.P.H., a longtime social impact strategist, health equity advocate and nonprofit capacity building consultant has rebranded and relaunched as Segura Strategies 4 Good to focus her work on closing the gaps on social and health inequities, including Climate, Economic and Environmental Justice.

“Marta has worked tirelessly to empower and engage communities throughout her career,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “The Center has wisely chosen a committed and passionate leader to fight for our climate, health and sustainability in the L.A. region.”

​“Marta has been a staunch advocate for our communities, their health and the environment, and we need more like her in times like these," said Congressmember-elect Nanette Barragán.

Segura has over 20 years of experience in building partnerships, community engagement and organizational leadership. In her new position at the Center, she will strategize for stronger local, state and federal climate policies, strengthen local alliances and partnerships and join the Center’s call for social equity in efforts to oppose oil and gas projects and protect communities and their health and environment from oil drilling. She will also be the local bilingual spokesperson for those efforts and will collaborate with community leaders to expand and diversify the organization’s allies and supporters.

Segura served as a member of the Los Angeles city-planning commission and as district director for then-City Council President Garcetti, currently L.A.’s mayor. She has also served as a program officer at the California Endowment and as associate director of Communities for a Better Environment, one of the original statewide environmental justice organizations of California.

Marta has spent decades designing programs and social change campaigns for underserved L.A. communities with her powerful combination of public-health nonprofit, coaching expertise and passion for social justice. Segura holds a master’s of public health degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. After working as a senior environmental compliance engineer in the private sector, she joined UCLA’s Center for Labor Research and Education and spearheaded the Border Health and Safety Project and the Day Laborer Health and Safety Project.

“Now more than ever, communities across the Nation and California are standing up to demand investments to create healthier communities that provide jobs and economic growth opportunities and climate justice solutions. We must end dangerous pollution from the fossil fuel industry and its disproportionate impacts on our communities and understand the unintended consequences of even well meaning policies,” Segura said. “I’m excited to work with neighborhoods across the region, thought leaders and policymakers to help Los Angeles and our state achieve a transition to a healthy, equitable and clean-energy future.”

“I have known and worked with Marta for many years, and she is deeply committed to social and environmental justice, said Martha Dina Argüello, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles. “Her background and skills will help California communities confront the tremendous power of the oil industry.”

"A veteran of the non-profit sector, she also played a role in philanthropy as a program officer for the Flintridge Foundation and the California Endowment. Her first position in the non-profit sector was as a Program Director at the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education. Later she was hired as the Associate Director for Communities for a Better Environment, where she spearheaded state wide campaigns and fundraising efforts. Marta cares deeply about the environment, and engaging communities in civic life, and enhancing the quality of life and health for all.


Strategic, resourceful, driven, service-oriented executive and leader with demonstrated success in the public sector, local government, and community-based programs with a focus on social equity. Extensive background in project/program evaluation and management, under-served communities, climate policies, mediation of neighborhood health and environmental concerns, coalitions, grants, legislation, transition management, sustainability, and translating strategy into pragmatic action to effect a positive impact on the community. Forward-thinking, solutions-focused, and results-driven, with excellent interpersonal communication skills, team building and leadership, robust task ownership, and a strong work ethic. Resolves issues, influences decisions, drives change through innovative program development, and navigates local government policies to achieve sustainable operations.


Public Affairs | Public Health | Social Impact Strategist | Health Equity | Community Engagement | Advocacy | Coalitions Leadership | Strategic Planning | Project Management | Program Development/Management | Program Evaluation| Environmental Health | Environmental Systems | Water/Climate Policies | Sustainability | Transition Management| City Planning | Legislation | Legislative Leadership | Zoning Laws | Municipal Codes | Budget Management | Capacity Building/Engagement | Capital Improvements | Negotiations | Mediation | Facilitation| Community Outreach| Fundraising | Campaign Development | Major Gifts | Strategic Partnerships | Grants Management | Foundation Relations| Team Building | Staff Development | Organizational Development | Curriculum Development | Event Management| Social Media | Nonprofits | Stakeholder Relationships | Board Development | Philanthropy | Bilingual: English, Spanish


• Increased open space in marginalized neighborhoods by 300% by project-managing the building of several parks across the city in partnership with Recreation and Parks

• Spearheaded the passing of Clean Up Green Up, the first ordinance adopted by the city of Los Angeles to address cumulative health impacts resulting from a legacy of incompatible land-use patterns in several neighborhoods

• Led in the passing of Healthy LA / Recode LA, the city’s first sustainability plan

Protecting the Border Wall, Natural Ecosystems and National Parks with a Social and Racial Equity Justice Lens:

In August 2017, Marta Segura and Paulo Lopes, an "attorney and public lands policy specialist" with the Center for Biological Diversity wrote about a rally held in Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas to protest a southern border.[2] Here is an excerpt:

"People are determined to stop Trump from letting his border wall fixation destroy a region so rich in culture, nature and history. They’re determined to save their sacred places and stop Congress from squandering billions of their taxpayer dollars on a new monument to racism that would do real harm to wildlife and communities and do nothing to stop human smuggling."

For more details on Marta’s background and Bio please go to:

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